Profiling the next generation of creatives.

From film and photography, to music and visual effects, Australia’s next generation of creatives are pushing our culture forward with new ideas, techniques, and styles. In ‘THE NEXT’, we venture into the minds of the country’s top emerging artists and designers, uncovering their perspectives, influences, and their vision for the future.

A five-part series, each instalment captures the story of an up-and-coming creative from a different industry: muralist Nastia Gladushchenko, audio-visual artist Hyper Reelist, VFX agency founder Will Alexander, fashion and beauty photographer Aaron VIII, and artist/music producer Mickey Kojak. Underscored with a synthpop soundtrack, natural shots are interspersed with stylised and in-situ footage in a playful take on the traditional interview — channeling a lo-fi yet chic aesthetic. Released over two weeks across social media and amplified on the artists’ channels, THE NEXT provides an intimate glimpse into the unique minds of each artist.