Deconstructing inspired innovations through tactile experiences.

A sleek combination of science and style, the Nike React Infinity keeps runners running with three inspired innovations: fluid rocker geometry, React cushioning, and stability activation. Nike wanted to create an engaging and interactive educational experience for Store Athletes, showcasing the features behind the Nike React Infinity and building their confidence to authentically sell the shoe.

Inspired by the contemporary aesthetic and enjoyable interactivity of Scienceworks, engaging and tactile installations creatively interpreted the three key innovations of the Nike React Infinity at the Nike HQ in Melbourne, and Pix on Location in Sydney.

Store Athletes began their journey with an introduction to Project Fearless, the inspiration behind the React Infinity experience, before entering a space of scientific discovery and boundless imagination. Sustainable installations, encapsulated within metallic and glass lines, evoke authenticity and clean precision, while a custom branded seeding kit transformed Nike’s innovations into easily accessible takeaways to use in sales.

Tactile installations stripped the Nike React Infinity down, providing tangible and authentic experiences to draw upon when selling the shoe in-store. Jumping on force plates, balancing on half domes and rocking on wobble boards, Store Athletes explored the innovation and technology behind the shoe — before lacing up for a trial run to test the Nike React Infinity in action.

Education space set up with custom seating


Foam seating in progress