Embodying the powerful energy of art to evoke emotion.

With design and performance fusing in Nike’s Air Max 270 React sneakers, this playful seeding suite showcased the artistic inspiration behind the iconic styles. In a brightly lit space, four theatrical sets brought the influencing art movements to life - from Bauhaus, impressionism, mid-century, to optical. The emotional intent behind each technique was represented by strong visual characteristics and theoretical principles.

Designed to connect guests to the source of Nike’s inspiration and their own brand ethos, the experience was artistic, playful, and highly-shareable. Over the course of three days, thirty influencers wearing the coinciding Nike Sportpack collection captured engaging content that extended well beyond the four walls of the physical space.

Photography: Georgia Wallace (banner image), rest of photography by Studio Messa



Entering into a Bauhaus-inspired area, product on display was framed by primary colours akin to the bold design and colouring of the shoe - yellow, red, and blue - amidst contrasting concrete & terrazzo textures. Principles of simplicity and form underpinned stacked geometric pedestals, meticulously positioned to create depth & dimension. 

Representing the depth and dimension of the optical movement, a circular vortex tricked the eye with its geometric black and white pattern.
A play on the concept that; the all-day comfort of the Air Max is no illusion.

Characterising the Mid-Century sleek and minimal design movement, structural graphics and dimensional shapes inspired a focus on only what’s necessary.

Moving into the abstract, loose brushwork of impressionism, one thick paint stroke on a backdrop encouraged guests to let go and enjoy the ride.