An ‘after-dinner ritual’ narrative featuring the taste, sound and scent of espresso, chocolate and mandarin.

The Signet Speakeasy brought the intrinsic craft and tasting notes of Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt to life. Echoing the secrecy behind the creation of Signet; a curious entrance invited guests to press a doorbell nestled at the centre of a deeply ornate, golden signet.

On entry, the luxurious candle-lit space was awash with the aroma of rich, deep espresso. The second key note of Signet is then introduced; and rich, inviting, and tonal styling depict the decadence and pleasure of chocolate. Bespoke, avante-garde food and cocktail offerings centre around the flavour profiles: espresso, chocolate and mandarin. The third act refreshes in bold orange styling; an evolution from the dark, enigmatic spaces. The focal point is a stage set beneath a canopy of sprawling mandarin tree branches and rich fruits, and the refresher transitions into lively musical performance.