An indulgent, immersive wining and dining experience inspired by the natural landscape, flora and fauna of the Yarra Valley.

Originating from France, the casual shared dining experience of the 'pique-nique' is a well-loved concept enjoyed all over the world. Our idyllic Chandon oasis was created through a series of eight consecutive moments; each one thoughtfully communicating the craft and French origins of Chandon Australia.

Beginning with a courtyard welcome over Chandon Brut Rosé and canapés, before inviting guests through to immersion; a multi-sensory experience featuring the magically styled world of Chandon, biophilic design principles, and nature-inspired soundscapes. Enjoyment followed over two beautifully styled picnic tables that brought the vibrant, abundant outdoor environment, indoors. Inviting textures sat amongst the natural installations, as guests tasted French-inspired shared-style dishes - created with local ingredients, and paired with the Chandon's range of sparkling wines. As the warm light started to transition to sunset hues, the Chandon S Twist ideal was served in branded glassware, accompanied by atomiser bottles of bitters to scent the air. The music inspiring and energetic, embodying the final celebratory 'toast' moment with Chandon.