Creating a world of delightfully curious and unexpected photographic moments for ambassadors, influencers and customers; asking these photographers to rethink the way they shoot, in light of the capacities of the new Canon EOS R across a 2 day experience-series at The Woods farm, in Jervis Bay. A series of surprising and juxtaposing touch-points exploring low light, fast movement, and high-detail theatre were developed for the full exploration of the guests.

The Schedule

Paying respects to the original custodians of the land, with the Aboriginal Land Council conducting a smoke and dance performance, providing historical and cultural history of the area to the guests.

Guests were treated to a rustic and opulent table display of fresh produce and flowers alongside their lunch and debriefing.

The renowned Ryan Schembri leads the wedding photography workshop in The Chapel.

Juxtaposing the rural country setting with a high fashion edge, utilising the Canon EOS R highly detailed capacities, with photographer Ryan Schembri. Dress by Steven Khalil.

In the ‘blue hour’, an aerialist performed a captivating silks routine elevated high above guests amongst the nearby gumtrees, with guests directed by photographer Krystle Wright to explore the low light and fast movement capabilities of the Canon EOS R.

A 1920’s inspired set; utilising floor-hugging mist and warm hazy light alongside the mesmerising sounds of a live pianist and accompanying ballerina.
Guests were not only offered another delightfully curious photo moment, but were entertained by the music at the end of the evening; bewitched by the scene evolving around them.

Guests followed eerie red neon, navigating their way toward a dilapidated caravan, hidden in along a secret path.
Emanating with red light, smoke and curious objects to offer the photographers a highly-engaging, evolving and unexpected space to explore the camera’s low-light capabilities.