An out-of-this-world experience transporting guests to an ethereal and luminous new world.

Located on the rooftop of The Overseas Passenger Terminal at Cruise Bar in Sydney, the American Express Lounge offered a relaxing and soothing escape from Vivid Sydney 2019.

Exploring the beauty and vastness of outer space, the experience evoked a sense of peaceful isolation, as well as at times, a playful curiosity of our place in the universe. A custom, celestial soundscape played throughout the luminous neon-blue entrance tunnel, guiding guests into the main space. High above the water, an undulating sculptural lighting installation was suspended, with over a thousand orbs softly animating in hypnotic succession.

Entering into the lounge area, an immersive light-filled space featured scientific, space-age sleekness juxtaposed against soft furnishings; a mix of black and moon grey lounges, sculptural rock elements, plush seating, pieces of marble, and gunmetal tableware. Revolving around the incredible harbour view, the space was brought to life by experimental synths and space-themed samples.

Photography: Bellnjerry, Jessica Ticchio